About us

Why has this started?

I am born in Porto/North of Portugal and lived abroad for several years.  I am passionate about the products that my home country can produce and are still undiscovered for many. I believe in the potential of true Portuguese quality, but it is hard to make it available outside  of its borders in an authentic yet relevant way. I would love to bring to anyone tastes that make you feel the indulgent warmth of its Portuguese origins.

What is my contribution?

 “…make the artisanal quality of Portuguese tradition accessible elsewhere.”





What people talk about

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"When it comes to dessert, it’s all about pastries, and a delicious pastel de nata which is a rich custard filling nestled into a crispy layers of puff pastry. Where I live in Amsterdam I’m privileged to have met a lady called Isabel Pinto that runs a company called Ogisa do Porto that has the best Pastel de nata in the Netherlands, the depth of hers reach a creaminess to admire."

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More than sardines: is Portuguese food the next big trend?

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gisa do Porto

Ogisa doPorto

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Tweede Laurierdwarsstraat 54

1016 RC Amsterdam

The Netherlands

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Pinto&Genoud, Lda

Rua Ruben A nr 101 – Hab 1.2

4150-640 Porto



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