Bolo de Arroz





Bolo de  Arroz

Bolo de Arroz is a Portugese rice cake also popular in several other places.

"Bolo" meaning "cake", "arroz" meaning "rice".

Its unique shape and wrapping make it a singular member of the world pastry. It’s usually taller than a cupcake, and thinner than a muffin. It’s in a class all on its own. Its characteristic cylindrical shape, golden crust, and wax paper wrap that reads "BOLO DE ARROZ" can be easily recognized to the eyes bringing  to the senses its fresh, soft yet indulgent taste.

Technical Information


Compound flour (sugar, wheat flour, wheat starch, modified starch, dextrose, whey (milk), vegetal fat powder (palm), contains milk protein, raising agents (E450 and E500), emulsifiers (E471 and E475), thickeners (415 and E466), salt, flavouring), oil (sunflower), egg, water, rice flour, sugar.

Preparation mode

Place the items on the trays and let them thaw for 30 min (while leaving a minimum separating distance between the products),

Per-Unit Weight

80 Gr (Frozen Product)


60 units

Storage and Food Safety

Frozen product. Store the product consistently at -18 ° C or lower.

Do not refreeze after defrosting.

All HACCP production standards are guaranteed by the producer who holds IFS and BRC certificates and delivers goods accordingly to food safety conditions.

Frozen warehousing and transportation conditions are certified by professional logistics operators who hold HACCP certification and stores and delivers goods according to food safety conditions.

Payment and Delivery

Deliveries are  in general possible within 48 hours during working days.

Delivery date  will  be set upon  order.

Payment terms are set on invoice.